by Johann Peter Wieghardt

An Exhibition by Johann Peter Wieghardt at the Art+Soul Gallery  1277 Robson Street, Vancouver B.C., 2005.

Concept: That second person, the girl with the pearls, is the person I see and get to know.  It is the unknown known. The person I know is fiction. I create a relationship with that fiction, I know this person in a ficticious way. That (relationship) is one aspect in my work. But in my painting's, I have to focus on one more aspect, the second aspect is the painting itself. The painting is paint on canvas. The paint is distributed on to the canvas in a way that it creates the illusion of an image from reality. In order to get my painting back to reality, and in the same time, it can still be a reproduction of an image, I have to turn the image sideways. 

Sideways, the Unknown Known is an excursion thru history - full of drama, beauty, and sociological tension. You will enjoy it! The work reflects images of paintings from: Rembrandt, Lorenzo Looto, Frans Floris, Holbein, Albert Southworth and Josiah Hawes. 


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