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My name is Otto E. Wieghardt and I am from Germany (more exactly from Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland, the southern part of Westphalia, where it rains frequently and much). On my journeys all over the world I discovered the canary island of Lanzarote as a "dry alternative" to my "damp" home.

In the south of this island I acquired in 1980 a ruin and restored the house with the help of friends. Now I am living there, occasionally during the wintertime. In my spare time, I am drawing and painting. Beside landscapes, which I normally painted, I started, to illustrate fishes, which I discovered by snorkeling. It is thought that there are more than 500 different varieties in the sea around Lanzarote. So I have always found new aspects.

As I have frequently experienced, that visitors in the fishrestaurants didn't know, which fish they had ordered, (In addition, the fish on the plate didn't resemble the original shape and colour of the live fish) I got the idea to collect my pictures and to make them accessible to other people. Therefore, I started to collate more exactly the fishes, logged informations from the fishermen-school, ransacked libraries, went out to sea with the fishermen in order to get more direct experience about the catch. Also, I discovered under water the more intense colours of the fishes, I sketched, noted and learnt from seafood dealers and restaurant-owners about the details of the respective species.

So a fishlist (forever increasing) came into existence with pictures and a lot of informations, that I have posted as a homepage in the internet. In a preview you can obtain a first impression. If you want to see more of the fish-watercolors, click here.

If you get in touch with me or perhaps you want to visit me, send me an e-Mail.